Local and International performances and festivals

Even though the ensemble has been active for a short time, we have already made an impact in the Greek and international choral music scene. Voci Contra Tempo has collaborated with Thessaloniki’s State Symphony Orchestra, among others, presenting some of the main works for female choir, such as The Planets by Gustav Holst and Les Sirènes from Claude Debussy’s Nocturnes. We have performed at important venues such as the Thessaloniki Megaron Concert Hall and the historical Parnassus Athens Hall.

Από το 2022, οι Voci Contra Tempo αποτελούν ensemble in residence του Τμήματος Μουσικών Σπουδών του Α.Π.Θ.

Το σύνολο ίδρυσε και διευθύνει η Σοφία Γιολδάση.

The ensemble has also been interested in channeling its art through educational activities. In July 2021, Voci Contra Tempo was invited by the International Choral Festival of Preveza to participate as the laboratory choir of the 4th Choral Conducting Masterclass, led by Ambrož Čopi (SL) and Sofia Gioldasi (GR), with participant conductors from Greece and abroad.

Sofia Gioldasi is the founder, conductor and artistic leader of the ensemble.


Classically trained singers who are passionate about choral music.

Voci Contra Tempo functions as a project choir and its members are classically trained singers who are passionate about choral music. One of the ensemble’s goals is to explore the spatial possibilities offered by each venue and use customized staging in order to give a complete concert experience to the audience.

Passionate singers