Dance in a Crystal Hall

4th FORUM for MUSIC – “Are we dancing?”

“Dance in a crystal hall” – Sakura (Blooming Cherries), traditional Japanese slow dance (three-part edited by Masashi Wakamatsu). Vassilis Ziggeridis at the canon.

Gjendines Bådnlåt, Norwegian Lullaby (edited by Gunnar Eriksson for SATB) – Spring, the sweet spring (2012), Ēriks Ešenvalds (born 1977, Latvia), work for a female choir and tuned glasses of water. (First Execution in Greece)

Der Wassermann Op.91, Nr.9, Robert Schumann, in poetry by J. Kerner – My little sea, five-voiced editor Nikos Kypourgos – From a foreign place, Asia Minor trout, (edited by Angeliki Ploka / Michael Bradshaw) – Karagouna, slow majestic dance of Thessaly (edited by Nikos Skalkotas) – vg vil lofa eina þá, traditional Icelandic religious text, in dance rhythm (five-part edited by Bára Grímsdóttir) – (First Execution in Greece)

The title of the concert is inspired by the last turn of the song “Der Wassermann”, by Schumann.

According to the story, the personification of the spirit of water, a young man who lives in the depths of the river Neckar, grabs a young girl from the land in order to make her his wife, dancing with her in his crystal room at the bottom of the river. The ‘crystal hall’, symbolically, like a prism that changes the view of the same object, gives us the multidimensional form of the concept of dance, as it appears in the different works of the concert. The dance in another, and not in its obvious dimension. Songs that are danced slowly and majestically, that evoke a dance scene, that are simply structured on a dance rhythm, melancholic, atmospheric songs … A demanding, a cappella program with a strong northern Scandinavian color, an aesthetic that permeates the rest songs of the hottest countries. Isn’t the rocking of a mother when her baby is asleep also a manifestation of dance? …

“Voci Contra Tempo”: Konstantina Adamidou, Dimitra Athanasatou, Korina-Kyriaki Driva, Dimitra-Ioli Exarchou, Athanasia Thomopoulou, Ria Karamatsouki, Evangelia Naoum, Katerina Nikolidaki, Marianna Dinou, Ruth Sutton, Elizabeli Kizaliveta

Artistic Curation / Conducting: Sofia Gioldasi (BMus ​​& MMus at the Choir Conductor, Conservatorium van Amsterdam)


04 Mar 2018


8:00 pm
Thessaloniki Concert Hall


Thessaloniki Concert Hall