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Crowdfund us and promote Greek culture by sending us to the Berlin Philharmonic

Music doesn’t have borders: creative expression and sharing new music shouldn’t be restricted by geography.

The costs for Voci Contra Tempo’s trip to Berlin and participation in the ‘Homelands’ festival include:

• Acquisition of intellectual property rights of musical material
• Festival participation fees
• Fees for rehearsal spaces in Berlin
• Rent of musical instruments
• Flights from Thessaloniki-Berlin (return) for 19 people (16 members of Voci Contra Tempo + conductor, pianist, manager)
• Accommodation for 19 people for 5 nights in Berlin
• Meals for 19 people for 5 days in Berlin
• Transport 19 people for 5 days in Berlin
• Printing costs (music, programmes etc)

This fundraiser is your opportunity to support cooperation and diversity in the arts, and the promotion of Greek culture through Project Patrida, as part of the International Festival of Choral Music, under the theme ‘Homelands Berlin’.
Voci Contra Tempo, a female vocal ensemble in Greece, in collaboration with the Department of Music Studies of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, is undertaking Project Patrida, which will support young Greek composers in creating new musical choral works.
The project comprises both performances as well as a rich and diverse educational program containing a series of lectures on the topic of ‘Hellenism in Music’, workshops and seminars. The lectures will be given by renowned university professors while the seminars and workshops on composition will be carried out by some of the most significant living composers of choral music. The Choral Compositions Workshops will inspire, support and mentor young Greek composers who will create eight (8) new choral pieces through this project.
The ensemble aims to perform these new works at the International Festival of Choral Music in Berlin (organized and hosted by ChoralSpace) in February 2023. The ensemble will then perform these same works around Greece for free, to offer exciting contemporary cultural experiences to the general public, who may not usually have the chance to access musical performances.
We are honored to have the support of The Ministry of Culture and Sport in Greece, for the educational components of this project.
However, we have yet to fund the performance aspects of the project.
Voci Contra Tempo is therefore seeking funding to travel to Berlin from Greece and stay in Berlin for 5 days in order to participate in the Festival.
The new compositions by young Greek composers will be based on texts from Greek literature and will draw on traditional music and themes of Hellenism in the arts, combined with contemporary pan-European creativity. To have their works performed on an international stage would be not only a huge opportunity for the composers, but it would also allow the world to gain a positive and non-stereotypical image of modern Greece and its cultural capacities.
The performance of Voci Contra Tempo of these new works in Berlin is key to opening up future opportunities for creative cooperation and supporting a new generation of young musicians across Europe.
All donations are welcome, however small! Thank you for your support!