Sonus Novus Alta Radix

Sonus Novus – Alta Radix

New Sounds with Deep Roots

The musical performance New Sounds with Deep Roots is a rich combination concert, in which choral music, instrumental improvisation and video art harmoniously coexist.

The program consists of 8 contemporary choral works written in 2022 especially for Voci Contra Tempo as a result of Project Patrida, an innovative artistic and educational project, which aimed to strengthen young Greek composers and create new choral works. The premieres of the works took place with great success at the Berlin Philharmonic and at the St. Matthäus, as part of the “HomelandsFestival Berlin”, in February 2023.

The concert will feature works by: Nikola Voiaris, Kanaris Keramaris, Giorgos Koumaradiou, Chrysoulas Mischos, Sofias Bardoutsou, Isminis Beck, Orestis Papaioannou and Natasas Souka-Simou, in poetry by Kyriakos Charitos, Lorentzos Mavilis, Giorgos Sarandaris and in texts from our ecclesiastical and popular tradition.

The works trace different aspects of the concept of “Greekness”: in a homeland of ancient Greek wisdom, tradition and myths-legends, a homeland that sings of birth and death, joy and sorrow, a homeland of sun, poets, spring, intertwined with memories epitaph or with the “anane” of the Divine Liturgy, but also a homeland that hurts, expels, dies and is resurrected, with purification – a Greek privilege – as the last “stop”.

Three leading musicians, masters of their genre, Nikos Xanthoulis on the ancient lyre, Thymios Atzakas on the oud and Dimos Goundaroulis on the cello, connect the 8 choral works with improvisational musical bridges, which draw their inspiration from the atmosphere and the music material of each choral work.

Nikos Zafranas accompanies on piano and Dimitris Vittis on percussion.

The texts of the works and the images they refer to are the inspiration for the visual artist, multi-award winning graphic designer, Mike Rafail, to create 16 videos that “dress up” the performance, illuminating various aspects of Greekness and organically complementing the overall experience of the listener.

Conception, music editing, music direction Sofia Goldasis


Dimitra Athanasatou, Anastasia-Sofia Anastasopoulou, Olga Giannakopoulou, Eleni Dimopoulou, Athanasia Thomopoulou, Ralitsa Ivanova, Stamatia Koloniari, Nonna Kyriazopoulou, Pandora Liasopoulou, Martha Maggira, Chrysoula Mischou, Penelope Broomhead-Petromelidou, Maria Svarna, Elena Tzika, Kalipatira Hatzikalimeri, Lia Hatzopoulou

The performance lasts one (1) hour and 10 minutes without intermission

ANETON THEATER, 42 Paraskevopoulos

Sunday 3/12 at 20.00 Monday 4/12 at 21.00

Ticket prices: 13 euros general admission Presale: 10 euros Reduced (unemployed / pupils / students): 8 euros

Contact email: Contact phone: 6984383153

Production – Organization: VOCI CONTRA TEMPO AMKE



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03 - 04 Dec 2023


€13 ( Presale: €10) (unemployed & students €8)

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